Top CDL Schools – Best Truck Driving Schools in the U.S.

If you want to be a truck driver, then it is important to research which driving school offers the best Truck driving lesson. Truck driving Industry is widening up and there is a shortage of drivers. Just like any other career field, a truck driver must be trained and licensed.

Below are the best truck driving institutions for commercial driver’s license and job placement across the United States of America.


AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF TRUCKINGAmerican Institute of Trucking was founded in 1981. It has grown to one of the best educational institutions that offer truck driving programs. The institution goals are to produce successful truck drivers and help learners who need to be professional truck drivers.

The institution provides ample hands-on training in all of the courses taught, with quality equipment and job training. Topic covered at the school include vehicle and control systems, CPR and First Aid, DOT regulations, equipment maintenance, work and personal financial management and impact on family life.

Apart from the training, the student from America Institute of Trucking gets to enjoy an internship with one of AIT’s preferred carriers for essential on-the-job training.


Swift Transportation was founded in 1966. By then it was a company that offered transport company that transported imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and Arizona cotton for export back through to Southern California.

Since then, Swift transportation has founded a strong ground in the transportation industry. Apart from transportation services, the company also operates as a training institution that creates more opportunities for success.

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The institution trains, build and develop learners by offering continuous learning opportunities to promote their skills, which allow them to give strong career growth. Among the lessons offered by Swift Transportation are; operation support and customer service, shop mechanics, sales, finance, information technology, and Fluman Resource Management. Continue reading “Top CDL Schools – Best Truck Driving Schools in the U.S.”

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