Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

If you own a large garden plot or a professional gardener, then, perhaps, you can not do without it.

Another thing is that choosing a hedge trimmer will not be easy. It applies to the category of garden tools, which is distinguished by a wide variety of types and designs. Therefore, before you get a purse or a credit card, we advise you to think carefully about the purpose for which you need a hedge trimmer.

The 5 Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

A direct purpose of the tool is to cut the bushes, especially when the shrub on the plot performs a decorative function. With the help of a hedge trimmer, you can give the bushes or stunted trees the correct geometric shapes and maintain them in a neat aesthetic state. To have a hedge trimmer in its arsenal makes sense if you have to perform large amounts of work, since one or two scrubs can be treated with ordinary garden scissors.

Types of trimmers

The above-mentioned garden shears with 25-30 cm long blades, by and large, are also hedge trimmers. With a small amount of work, they fully justify their presence in the arsenal of the gardener. Such a tool is easy to use and inexpensive, but it requires the gardener considerable physical effort. And its possibilities are limited when it comes to cutting shrubs with branches from 8-10 mm in cross section. In principle, the category of brush cutters can be attributed and so-called trimmers, designed primarily for cutting grass and weeds, but they also cope well with small branches of the bush. However, a full-fledged replacement for brush cutters, these devices can not be.

Special tools for cutting the bushes are of two types – electric and petrol.

Electric trimmers

Electric trimmers

Can be network (powered by household electricity) and rechargeable. Devices that run on battery power are certainly more convenient, since the gardener is not tied to the outlet by the wire, but the battery charge of such hedge trimmers is not as large as we would like. At best, in battery mode, the battery lasts for 30-40 minutes, after which it should be put on recharging.

Network hedge trimmer has its pros and cons. On the one hand, this is the most accessible version of such a tool. With comparatively equal characteristics, it is cheaper than a gasoline or battery in 1,5-2 times. This hedge trimmer produces much less noise than the petrol version. But, having worked with this tool, you will quickly feel the discomfort of having to drag the cord along your entire site, at the risk of damaging various plantations or the wire itself. The impossibility of retiring from the outlet more than 20-30 meters (the standard length of the extension) is also not particularly pleasing.

Gasoline trimmers

Also have both positive and negative sides. The pluses include high power and autonomy. By cons – higher cost, difficulty in servicing, air pollution with exhaust gases, as well as the need to prepare for their work a special fuel mixture based on gasoline and certain types of motor oil.

The main characteristics of the hedge trimmer are its power, the size of the cutting tire and its type, since there are several such designs. Well, the source of energy, as described above. The working body of the hedge trimmer is a tire consisting of two metal canvases, on the sides of which there are sharpened teeth. At the moment of work, they perform reciprocating movements at high speed, cutting everything that comes between the teeth.