Hedge Trimmers – Trimmers for Bush Cutting

Gasoline hedge trimmers help to quickly fix the hedge and give the bushes a beautiful shape. Due to the fact that the trimmer motor works from gasoline, and not from electricity, it allows you to mow excess branches anywhere. The lower end of the hedge trimmer is equipped with a sharp cutting blade, and the upper part is length-adjustable by a handle with the engine and the fuel tank.

Husqvarna hedge trimmer version 545FX

The company Husqvarna produces chainsaws, electric saws, gasoline pumps, electric cars and other tools for household and professional use. Model kustoreza 545FX was released in 2011 and belongs to the category of professional tools with high performance and increased durability. Therefore, gasoline hedge trimmer Husqvarna 545FX can be used throughout the work shift. The tool was developed specifically for forest clearing. This task is possible only with a powerful gasoline trimmer with a low level of vibration, and also equipped with a high-speed gearbox.

Husqvarna brushcutter version 545FX

The brush engine 545FX is designed using X-Torq technology and has a cylinder capacity of 45.7 cm3. The power is 2.2 kW. Thanks to X-Torq technology, the two-stroke engine of the Husqvarna 545FX brushstroke is rapidly gaining momentum with the least amount of exhaust gas to the environment, and also saves fuel significantly. Startup is performed using the Smart Start system. At the same time, minimal effort is required, since the resistance of the starter cord is reduced by 40%.

The ergonomic and adjustable bicycle handle of the gasoline hedge trimmer is also installed at an angle to make it easier to control the mowing process. Handles are trimmed with soft pads, which completely eliminates the possibility of slipping. Anti-vibration system significantly reduces the level of vibration and load on the hands, so the tool can be used for a long time.


  • power – 2.2 kW or 3 hp;
  • rod – straight;
  • weight without installed cutting elements, protective casings and fuel – 8.1 kg;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 900 ml;
  • maximum recommended revolutions without load – 13000 rpm.

The fuel pump helps quickly start the hedge trimmer even after a long period of inactivity. The filter cover is removed without tools, which makes it easy to replace it without keys. The start button automatically returns to the initial position, so that it is more convenient and quicker to re-enable the hedge trimmer. For comfortable work with the tool, complete with a belt harness, consisting of a belt, two shoulder belts and a wide support for the back. The rear part can be adjusted.

Bush-cutting petrol Stihl FS 450

Bush-cutting petrol Stihl FS 450

The hedge trimmer FS 450 is a reliable professional gasoline trimmer with many different functions. Designed for use in agriculture, forestry or communal services. The power of its two-stroke engine is 2.1 kW. The working volume is 44.3 cm3. Thanks to the ElastoStart soft start function, the hedge trimmer can be started quickly and easily. To ensure that the user does not act strong vibration and load, installed a system of their repayment, consisting of several rubber dampers.

The petrol stump of the petrol version of the Stylus FS 450 is straight, and the handle is made like a bicycle or in the form of a T. Such a handle allows much better control over the operation process, and less fatigue during long-term operation. The bar can be adjusted in height using a T-shaped screw, without any tools. All controls are mounted on one handle.

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