Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set Review

You can easily beat the heat of the scorching summers with this exciting pool set. This above ground pool will make the backyard of your home an entertaining one which is a perfect solution to the senses. You can enjoy the swimming in the cool and clear waters of the pool.

Intex Metal Frame Pool


  • Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter: To offer safety and security feature the pool set is comprised of a feature of ground fault circuit that immediately shuts of the system if there are any chances of electric shocks or electrical mishaps.
  • Cartridge Filter: The Krystal Clear cartridge filter which is connected in the pool set ensures that the water of the pool is crystal clear and hygienic to the senses.
  • PVC Laminated Walls: The walls of the pool are made up with the tough material that embarks strength and helps in the prevention of the leakage of the water from the pool. It also provides great support to the walls of the pool.
  • Convenient Drain Plug: The drain plug directly connects with the garden hose and removes all the water from the pool without any kind of the hassles.

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Affordable Rates: The prices of the pool are very cost effective in nature. These products also require much less amount of maintenance that will automatically help in lower costs.

  • Good Water Circulation: Due to the presence of the feature of the great filter, the water circulation process is very good and gives out a lot of efficiency at short span of time.
  • Strong And Durable: Another advantage of the product is that it is very strong as well as durable in nature. The steel frames not only impart great support but also gives out the strength to the pool.
  • Safe To Use: It also ensures the safety of the pool owners as well as those who are enjoying in the pool premises. Highly secure and safe to get the amazing experience inside the pool.

The only disadvantage of the pool is that it requires a proper location to set up which sometimes becomes a great challenge for those who don’t have a big place to enjoy during the summer heat.


So, the Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is the best way to reduce the amount of the summer heat through providing you the best experience of swimming. The overall performance of the pool is very effective and it has got a lot of rating over the other pools that are already available in the market. The pool set is highly efficient in terms of costing as well as the functioning of the pool.

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