Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

In order to properly choose an electric hedge trimmer, you need to consider the total volume of the hedge and its location on the site.

If you do not get more than 30 meters to the plants from the socket, the electric shavers will suit you (the length of the cord of the electric hedge trimmer is usually limited to 30 meters).

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

However, these hedge trimmers can be used and at a greater distance from the outlet, buying an extension cord. Electroblood hedge trimmer is a tool of increased danger, since there is always a possibility of contact with an electric current.

In wet weather and during rain, it is forbidden to work with such hedge trimmers.

Recently electric blisters of the battery type are gaining popularity. In such devices, an autonomous battery is installed, which must be recharged before use.

It is convenient to work with a battery blower if there are few fences on the site, and they are located far enough away from the mains.

It is worth remembering that with large volumes and thick branches, a battery brush cutter, if it does, then with difficulty. In this case, you have to recharge it several times, which may not be very convenient. Also it is worth considering that the more contaminated the cutting part of the long reach hedge trimmers, the less time it works.

Which is better – electric trimmers or motorcyclist

Which is better - electric trimmers or motorcyclist

When choosing a hedge trimmer, it is worth considering that hedge trimmers with a gasoline engine usually have considerable weight, and this tool often has to work on outstretched arms.

From this we can conclude that this technique will draw only men’s hands. In addition, the hammer blows harder at work and pollute the air with combustion products.

But, if you need to prune the wild old bushes or even small forests, this task will be handled only by a hedge trimmer with a gasoline engine.

If you only need to periodically cut the hedge in the dacha, buy an electric hedge trimmer with a cord or a hedge trimmer with a battery.

On what first of all it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of trimmers

It is desirable that the hedge trimmer be equipped with shields, protecting the gardener from accidental rebound of the instrument;
If your bushes are high, get a hedge trimmer with a telescopic handle. In this case, you do not have to use the stairs;
On expensive hedge trimmers from famous brands there is a unique function – “water level”, due to which you can cut the hedge very smoothly, parallel to the ground level;
When choosing a gasoline hedge trimmer, pay attention to whether the model has an anti-vibration system and which class, because the health of your hands will depend on it.


In our today’s article we told how to choose a garden hedge trimmer, what types they share and what are the differences. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. We will be happy to help you.