How to use a long reach pole hedge trimmer safely

Long reach hedge trimmers are relatively simple to use and mostly requires a certain amount of practice. There are essentially 2 types of hedge trimmers; ones which are petrol and battery operated and the other are electric trimmers which are popular because of their lower cost and simple application.

However, as mentioned before, one needs to understand their use and exercise these trimmers with caution. So here a few tips on using long reach hedge trimmers safely.


Tips on how to use hedge trimmers safely


  • Weather plays the important role while you’re using a hedge trimmer. Never use it if it’s about to rain. This is a standard safety device while using any electrical tool and it extends to hedge trimmers as well. It’s important you do a complete inspection of your equipment to check if it is in the proper condition.
  • Do a thorough recce of the environment around you, to ensure its safety. For example, there could be children or pets playing around the area you’re going to be working on. Ensure you’ve cleared the area or cordoned it off to prevent any kind of damage.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is appropriate clothing and footwear. The clothing should be body-hugging and at the same time allow you to move freely. This serves the dual purpose of providing you protection if required and at the same time allowing you to navigate through the area easily.
  • Another thing you can consider is to wear sturdy shoes, preferably boots to give you a solid grip while cutting. There have been some cases where people have lost their balance with a long reach pole hedge trimmer.

While Cutting

  • Once you have identified the area you want to cut at, establish a strong footing and maintain a safe distance from the hedge.
  • When you are holding the hedge trimmer in our hands, the motion should always be circular from the bottom up. This sweeps the branches away from your area of cutting and clears your vision.
  • When you need to cut the top of the hedge, it’s important for you to hold the trimmer straight out in front of you and move sideways while making a sideways motion, in order to get a nice tidy finish.
  • When you are finished with the cutting, it’s imperative that you clean your hedge trimmer. There could be a lot of sap and debris collected from the bushes that could be stuck in the blades and the teeth. If you decide to leave this stuck, it will become more difficult and efficient for you to use the trimmer the next time around.
  • Turn off the machine and place it on a flat surface. If it is a petrol hedge trimmer, you might be required to lubricate the machine with the necessary oil, after every use. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guide manual when cleaning the product.

There are a variety of long reach pole hedge trimmers available out there and come with different purposes and sizes. The good thing about these hedge trimmers is that they are easy to use (for personal use) and affordable, many of them being the best quality telescopic hedge trimmers including the ones with extended reaches.


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